Melissa Tietz

CEO Melissa Tietz Consulting & Training

Melissa is always devoted to helping others reach their full potential. After a dozen years teaching kindergarten and a few life-changing events, she pursued her life coach certification and quickly began coaching clients worldwide. Her expertise is helping her clients break old habits and behaviors to get the success cycle going. Before starting, she was the President of a global coaching company where she coached classes from 10 to over 500 clients. From Colorado to Paris, she has spoken on stage and lead seminars on changing your life to attract what you want.

Whether you’re new to coaching or not, whether you’re living your dream life or not, Melissa will help you overcome the obstacles getting in the way of your success. The realization is most people are approaching these obstacles the wrong way.

Do you want something more out of life, and not sure what it is…

Have you tried to make changes in the past without success…

Usually, that means addressing what’s not working and helping you break through those places that have held you back — places locked in your subconscious that you don’t even know there. Melissa uses a specific system to identify and break through energy-draining beliefs not serving you.


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