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Becky Ruland

Becky Ruland is the Founder and CEO of a non-profit missionary organization based in Texas called International Networx, Inc. She lived for 14 years in Belarus, Ukraine Russia and China, and has traveled to many other countries. Several native and American missionaries look to Becky and International Networx to help support their work and callings in other countries.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 90s, Belarus was one of the nations that plunged into poverty. Becky and her teams developed Christian networksthroughout the country to receive and distribute thousands of tons of humanitarian aid. After some years she successfully turned that ministry over to the locals to carry on.

Then Becky labored between Eastern and American cultures, developing a network of skilled builders and engineers who would revolutionize their crusty soviet methods of construction. They learned to use the vast resources from their forests and adopted Amish & Mennonite techniques to build. During 10 years in cities, towns, and villages of Belarus and Ukraine, her mostly male teams built more than 28 churches, orphan facilities, drug rehab and refugee centers, community buildings, missionary training bases and houses for native and ex-pat ministers. Once again with everyone well trained, she released her responsibilities to the locals to continue on their own.

Upon returning to her home State of Texas in the fall of 2009, she began authoring her autobiography, “Piercing The Iron Curtain: My Journeys of Faith”. She sidelined her writing when national news articles identified the rapidly expanding multi-billion dollar business of human trafficking in America. The former career journalist, turned missionary builder, felt God wanted her to refocus her calling to the East Coast.

By early 2011 she moved to Myrtle Beach, SC and with retirement funds and help from friends, opened a small frozen yogurt boutique. Through that platform she daily raised awareness of human trafficking and the vulnerability of foreign university students who work in tourist cities across the United States. Becky volunteers many hours in cooperation with the local police department and area churches to help exploited young leaders visiting the USA on temporary J-1 student work visas.

In the spring and summer of 2016 she and others fed more than 1000 students from 50 nations at the weekly All Nations Café hosted by a local church. Through these efforts they prevent future nation leaders from being lured into human trafficking. The students enjoy building relationships with American Christians and each other. For those from countries that are hostile to Christianity, they experience American freedom of religion for a few months. Some become Christians before returning home to finish their studies and begin their careers.

The students often call on Becky day and night to help them solve problems with dicey motel accommodations and employers who exploit them because of language and cross-cultural weaknesses. In the spring of 2016 she felt led to close the yogurt business to fully devote her attention to the students and their needs. The All Nations Café expanded to a second location before the end of the summer and with Becky’s help, will add a third location in 2017 to better reach the 4300 international students in Myrtle Beach.

She published her book in the fall of 2016 and now has it available in print, audio and e-book versions. It is titled, “Piercing The Iron Curtain: My Journeys of Faith.” It can be purchased on Createspace.com; Amazon.com, Kindle and directly from Becky.


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