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Uniting Hearts, Changing Lives: Support the Women of Global Change Vancouver Chapter!

🌟 Step into the heart of compassion with the Women of Global Change Vancouver Chapter! We’re not just a chapter; we’re a force for positive transformation. Join us on a journey to create safe spaces for families and support adopted children, bringing love and change where it’s needed the most.

❤️ Adopting Hope, Creating Futures:

Imagine a world where every child, regardless of their origin, is embraced by love and support. That’s the vision of the Women of Global Change Vancouver Chapter. With your help, we are creating safe spaces, fostering resilience, and building futures for adopted children and their families.

🤝 Collaborate for Change:

We don’t stand alone; we stand united with the Vancouver Police and local organizations, creating a powerful network of support. Collaboration is our strength, and together, we’re making strides to ensure that no family faces challenges alone. Your donation becomes a bridge connecting hearts, fostering unity and understanding.

🌈 Why Donate?

Your contribution isn’t just a donation; it’s an investment in hope. It’s a commitment to creating a community where families thrive, children flourish, and love knows no boundaries. Your support fuels our collaborative efforts, making a lasting impact on the lives of those who need it most.

💖 The Heartbeat of WGC Vancouver:

Our heartbeat is the rhythm of change, and you can be part of the melody. Your donation goes beyond monetary value; it resonates with the heartbeat of families, creating a symphony of love, support, and transformation.

🌟 Join the Movement:

Ready to be a part of something extraordinary? Your support can make a difference. Help us build safe spaces, support adopted children, and create a community where families thrive. Donate today and become a cornerstone in the foundation of positive change.

Together, we’re not just changing lives; we’re shaping a future filled with compassion and resilience. Be the change with the Women of Global Change Vancouver Chapter – where every donation is a step toward a brighter tomorrow. Adopt hope, create futures, and unite hearts with us!

Chapter President : INTHIRANI ARUL
Contact : Vancouver@thewomenofglobalchange.com

Ambassador with the Women of Global Change, Heart Centred Human Relations Leader, Inspirational Speaker, Author of 4 books plus 2 compilation books titled The Game Changer, and Founder of SoulPath Discovery.

Inthirani is gifted to empower single parents, health care professionals, teachers or those who are looking to grow and become authentic heart-centered leaders through her divinely gifted abilities so they can live their optimum life and step into their unique purpose engaging positive action in their lives and leaving an impactful legacy behind.

Inthirani has an indepth understanding of life and the many, struggles, challenges and adversity that life can bring. She has been a caregiver since age nine when she cared for her mother who was blind and suffered from mental health. At the age of 16 she volunteered with the elderly and was awarded for the highest number of hours as a Junior volunteer.

Inthirani has taken numerous courses and trainings throughout her lifetime. Through her own intuitive and inner guidance, self-assessment, and self-discovery, she was destined, led and gifted the opportunity to participate in the Trivedi Healers Mastery program because of her fortunate affiliation with her Spiritual teacher Guruji Mahendra Kumar Trivedi. As a result, Inthirani participated in three science experiments and is now a Scientifically Validated and evidence-based Life Force Healer. Inthirani’s abilities have been measured, validated, documented, and published in Scientific Peer-Reviewed Journals. Today she is a living testimonial of the Trivedi Effect. She has also graduated and has been a member of CEO SPACE and the Quantum Leap Program through Peak Potentials Training. She is a graduate of the Counselor Training Institute, and an award-winning graduate of Dale Carnegie in Public Speaking and Human Relations Training receiving both The Crashing Through Award and The Highest Award for Achievement. Inthirani’s gift is an experience of inspiration and personal expansion so they can journey within their SoulPath.

Inthirani believes that within every person lives possibility and growth. It is through our own growth when one empowers oneself, they can empower others around them be it their family, their neighbors, their community and the world at large.

Inthirani believes life is about evolutionary growth and understands the importance of raising her level of consciousness and that everything is divinely guided and is there to serve us for our highest purpose. With this knowingness she believes by connecting to your SoulPath and achieving from that place of existence, you can leave a legacy with the service you were brought to this planet to gift to humanity. She also believes life has a purpose far greater than you may even be aware of. Inthirani is on a mission to become the best human being she can become and leave this world a better place than how she found it.

The Vancouver Chapter’s heart mission is to work with homeless children and support families and children who need help with adoption. They are currently looking for others who are interested in this heart-centered cause or any other non-profit organizations that they can collaborate with and help.


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