Shellie Hunt, who has been in the human potential industry for over 25 years and has shared stages with some of the top human potential and business speakers in the world.

She is an entrepreneur, author and business owner of over five companies. She has been featured on CNN/HLN, national talk and radio shows. To say the least, she is a woman who is bringing about tremendous change.

In this interview, she shares about the power of Vision and looking within for the Guidance and Power we each hold. She even discusses for the first time an organization she is launching to create global service from a whole level of leadership.

We hope you enjoy and share with us your insights, wisdoms and perspectives below.

For more information about Shellie Hunt’s work, visit as well as and be a part of this new movement of making a difference.

She will be teaching how to bridge the gap between corporation and the power of people. If YOU are looking to remake your life and would like to be a part of the 2ndseason of this show, visit for more information on how to become a part of this.

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