The WGC Adventure Summits

The WGC Adventure Summits

The women of global change come together in business, power and spirit.

Imagine joining other A List women on world adventures where we journey to many different countries creating our legacy and standing as a presence of hope and positive progress for future generations.

You will enjoy A 5 Star once-in-a-Lifetime Experience. A unique opportunity as we better ourselves, our communities and the world. We tour exotic locations, network with other women leaders, embrace our leadership in business and life success, and we play a global game as we participate in being the change we wish to see in the world.


Some of what you will encounter on the WGC Journeys:


* You will discover a global mind set for your passions
* Tap into your depths of strength and authentic power
* Learn techniques for balance for ultimate life success
* Embrace your empowered and feminine self in it’s entirety
* You will develop an action plan to take your business to the next level
* Connect to a community of powerful female leaders


Every Adventure has a special and unique participatory international community service project


Some past international adventures have included:


Providing under privileged children with food and clothing

Renovating Women’s Shelters

Feeding & clothing the homeles

Bringing Supplies to Orphanages

Rebuilding play grounds

Fixing Libraries

Teaching life skills & self esteem classes and soooo much more.


You will walk away from this incredible journey knowing your true capabilities and potential!

Every adventure is unique with different international locations.

May we serve as a beacon of light for the world of future generations!


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